Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point

People need Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere these days, including outdoors. Solid Signal has a Wi-Fi device that creates the perfect outdoor access point.

Are you someone who likes to spend times outdoors? Or maybe you’re an owner whose business features an outdoor element, such as a restaurant with patio or deck? Whether it’s residential or commercial, you need the Wi-Fi connectivity outside to be as good as it is indoors. If this describes you or someone you know, then we have just the thing.

This 5GHz outdoor access point from Ubiquiti is a great way to establish Wi-Fi connectivity outside your home. This device is loaded with features that are all designed to install, configure, and manage everything from one location. It also features advanced and intuitive software support to improve the overall experience for you and your guests. Simply put, this access point from Ubiquiti extends the range of your Wi-Fi to outside your home, which is great for those who like to spend time outdoors. Here’s a pro tip for you: This Ubiquiti access point also can be used to boost Wi-Fi inside your home or business.

One Last Thing…
Back in the day, we had some neighbors named the Parkers. They were kind of neighbors who enjoyed cable TV until we closed our curtains. If they still lived across the street, they’d be trying to pilfer our Wi-Fi, as well. And every neighborhood has a family like the Parkers. Among its many great features, this Ubiquiti outdoor access point has security measures allow you to control just who accesses your network and who doesn’t. This will keep your “Parkers” from freeloading off your Wi-Fi network.

Do you or someone you know need a Wi-Fi hotspot? This Ubiquiti outdoor access point is the solution. Order it now from Solid Signal!

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