Can you use a cellular signal booster with gotW3?

By now if you read this blog you’re certainly familiar with gotW3, the revolutionary new product that lets you replace your outdated home internet with cellular internet. The gotW3 device looks and acts like any other router, except that it doesn’t have a cable input. Instead, gotW3 connects to a cellular signal to give you speeds up to 70Mbps with no data caps, no throttling, and one low price per month.

Which is all great…

but in order to really use gotW3, you need to have good cell service. Now, if you just need to enhance your cell service for gotW3, you can add an external antenna. But why not improve your cell service overall? If you have problems making calls or using data on your phone, there’s a solution and it will work with your phone AND with gotW3.

How cell boosters can help you

A cellular signal booster like the weBoost Home Room that you see above can vastly improve your cell service indoors. It takes signal from outdoors, using an antenna you put on your roof, and brings it indoors. Along the way, the signal is amplified up to 10,000,000 times. Yes you read that right. That weak signal is pumped up to the max and rebroadcast through the indoor antenna. When you speak, or when you send data over the internet, it’s amplified going that direction as well.

A cell booster does a great job in homes and offices. There’s a reason that they’ve been among Solid Signal’s hottest sellers for over a decade. It’s a perfect solution for anyone who lives a life on their cell phone. If you think about it, that’s pretty much everyone.

Most cell phones serve at least 8 connections at the same time. Larger boosters actually support unlimited connections in the right circumstances. But even if you’re using gotW3 as one of those 8 connections, that’s enough to serve most needs.

Can cell phones and gotW3 live together side-by-side?

Absolutely yes. The gotW3 is part of a category of devices called cellular routers. Historically these devices have cost thousands of dollars, but gotW3 is created for regular folks. It’s priced so nearly anyone can afford it.

Cellular routers act just like cell phones using data. So, a cell booster works just the same way for both. The gotW3 works very well with cell boosters, actually. And cell boosters work extremely well even if you only have one bar of signal outdoors.

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