RV Owners: You Deserve the Comforts of Home

RV owners across the country love the summer. That’s because it’s a great time to hop inside your recreational vehicle and drive off to parts known and unknown. The thing about those living the RV life is that they’re not the types who like “roughing it.” (Those are hikers and campers, a completely different breed.) If you’re living the RV life, you probably like having the comforts from home on inside your motorhome or camper. Since Solid Signal is the leader in TV antennas and satellite dishes for RVs, there are other things that are equally enjoyable for your RV or camper.

Before You Head Out on the Road…

…There are four things we’d like you to do. Yes, we know that most RV owners have a pre-tip checklist. You go through this before every trip no matter how close or far from home. This list should include reminders to pack necessary tools, check your RV weight, and other routine maintenance. To take things a step beyond the basic, we’re sharing these four lesser-known but equally important RV travel tips:

  1. Fill Prescriptions Before You Leave: Many of us can’t go a few days without taking our prescription meds. This is why it’s important to refill them before you head out. You ever try calling your doctor’s answering service on the weekend? Well imagine trying that when you’re miles from civilization. (It’s not easy unless you have a cell phone booster in your RV.) It’s even harder to do once you cross state lines. Your health should always be your primary concern, especially when you’re behind the wheel of a gigantic RV. For the sake of your loved ones and everyone else on the road, refill those prescriptions before you go.
  2. Lower water and sewer tank fluids: Empty your gray and black water tanks before you head out. Also, keep your fresh water tank about a quarter full. We recommend doing this because these liquids are heavy and the added weights kills your fuel efficiency. At the costs of gas and diesel these days, any time you can get more bang for your gas dollars, you should do it. Oh, and travelling light in the tank also prevents your tanks from cracking due to the pressures of overloading. Remember, you can always find water at just about any campground, rest area, or truck stop.
  3. Test water pressure before hooking up at your destination: If it’s too high, use a water pressure valve to help keep your hoses and pipes from splitting. This helps prevent flooding inside your RV, which is last thing you need when you and your loved ones want to enjoy a little getaway.
  4. Make sure your water is safe to drink: Does it look or smell bad? Then don’t put it in your tank! It’s better to use a water filter or bottled water from the store. If you’re going to use the water in your tank, make sure to use the white hose, which is used for transporting water. Drinking water from any other type of hose makes your water taste like rubber.

Speaking of RV Trips…

…We would be remiss if we didn’t share these additional tips to help make your RV experience more comfortable. RV trips don’t have to be about “roughing it.” (That’s for campers and hikers, which is cool, too.) Your RV is your home on wheels, so it makes sense to have all the comforts of home inside of it. For example, you might want to listen to music, watch your favorite shows, and/or just have electricity to run a microwave oven. Solid Signal makes all of this possible for those living the RV life.

Are you happy with the radio inside your RV? For all the money people spend on their recreational vehicles, the stock radio that some manufacturers install aren’t worth bragging about. The ideal RV radio would let you chose between AM/FM stations and satellite radio. Fortunately, we carry a device that does this. It’s an AM/FM Bluetooth audio player that’s also Sirius XM ready. If you want to listen to your favorite music outside your RV, there’s a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker just for that.

For example, there’s the simple pleasure of listening to music. It’s great to do at home but even better when you’re behind the wheel. The problem is, not all vehicle radios are made the same. Plus, there’s losing stations as you travel out of the antenna range. This is what makes satellite radio so popular. Whether you want to take your chances with the local radio stations are pipe in your favorite genres from the satellites, there’s We also have a Bluetooth weatherproof speaker and light for your listening pleasure.

And of Course, There’s TV and DIRECTV

Watching TV is the last thing that comes to mind when people think of vacations, yet we all end up watching it anyway. This is why every hotel and motel has a TV in each room. You and your loved ones can enjoy your favorite shows on your RV trip, too… and Solid Signal can help. Let’s start with free, over-the-air TV. When you mount a TV antenna to your RV and connect it to a TV, you can get a number of free local TV channels from the area your RV is in. We can a variety of portable TV antennas for recreational vehicles. Let us match you with the right one.

So, you want DIRECTV or DISH in your RV? The first thing you’ll need is to figure out which satellite TV service you want. To get it delivered to a TV in your RV, you’ll also need a portable satellite dish and other equipment. You’re in luck because Solid Signal specializes in bringing satellite TV to RVs and campers. From satellite TV packages to equipment, installation, and activation, we help you every step of the way. The best thing to do is call our satellite TV experts at 888-233-7563. They’ll explain everything and walk you through the whole process.

What About Power?

If you’re headed for an RV park, you don’t have to worry about electricity. You’ll probably just plug in when you pull into your lot. But what about those RV owners who want electricity when they’re out in the sticks? Well, we think there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to run a microwave or a blender way out in the sticks. (We did say this post was about the comforts of home, right?)

Solid Signal can help bring electrical power to your RV when you’re far from the beaten path. You might like this Tripp Lite inverter charger for your next road trip. It’s made specifically with RV owners like you in mind. (That’s why we carry it.) It could be the perfect power source on your next out of the way trip.

Solid Signal is the RV Owner’s Friend

After reading this, you might have gotten the idea that we know a little something about RVs. We do, and we have many years of working with RV owners to thank for that. Our experience has made us the most-recognized experts in satellite TV for RVs; but, as we can see, we even do more than that. (This includes cell phone signal boosters for RVs and campers.) If you want to make your RV as comfortable as your home, we’re the ones you need to call. You can reach us at 888-233-7563, or just fill out this form and send it to us. Either way, we’re to help RV owners.

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