RV Park Managers Wanted… to Get DIRECTV!

As a campground manager, you want to provide the best experience to your guests. DIRECTV helps you do that!

What’s in an RV park manager’s job description? Guest satisfaction is probably a big part of it. DIRECTV can play a big part in that… if you let it. So, how can you offer DIRECTV to every lot throughout the park? It’s actually very easy when you work with our Signal Connect division. It’s a national DIRECTV dealer that specializes in large, multi-user installations such as RV parks and campgrounds.

“Why Should I Get DIRECTV at My RV Park?”

That’s a great question! And the answer is simple: your guests will love it. They get a HUGE variety of popular channels every time they stay at your park. Whether it’s seniors or families, DIRECTV has plenty of channels for everyone’s tastes. Let’s look at how DIRECTV at your campground benefits you. When you add DIRECTV to your RV park, you get:

  • An additional amenity that other RV parks don’t have.
  • A bigger selection of channels than cable.
  • Something for you to watch on slow days.

Simply put, your guests will love watching their favorite shows while they stay. And happy guests become return guests!

DIRECTV for RV Parks: How We Do It

In the not-too-distant past, satellite TV for RV parks was a hassle. Campground managers like yourself had to pass out a satellite receiver and other equipment to every new guest. This meant collecting that gear before the guest left. Guests forgetting to return these receivers – and RV park managers forgetting to collect them – weren’t uncommon. Needless to say, satellite TV for RV parks was seen as a costly hassle.

Signal Connect does DIRECTV for RV parks better!

We offer the easiest way to get DIRECTV for your campground. Our reps set you up with something called a “free-to-guest TV installation.” This involves a headend system that delivers satellite TV signal to every pedestal in your park. There’s no need to pass out and collect receivers anymore. Guests simply connect a cable to the satellite TV input found in a panel outside their vehicle. Just remind them to disconnect it before they leave!

RV Park Managers Wanted… to Call Signal Connect

If you want DIRECTV at your park, you need to work with the experts. It’s your livelihood after all! Signal Connect reps know DIRECTV for RV parks better than any other dealer out there. From hardware to programming packages and more, they’re here to help you every step of the way. And if you have a tech support issue or need an account change, your Signal Connect rep takes care of that for free! To learn more about our DIRECTV for RV park solutions, call 888-233-6597. You can also fill out the form below.

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