DIRECTV’s app is like a free receiver

Who doesn’t want a free receiver? It’s even more awesome if there’s no monthly fee! The good news is that you probably have everything you need ito get live and recorded DIRECTV programming on any TV, whether in your home or outside. All it takes is the free DIRECTV app, available on the app store or play store of your choice.

How does this magic happen?

DIRECTV has literally tens of thousands of on-demand programs. They probably have the stuff that’s on your DVR right now. And you know what? All those on demand programs are available on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

What about live TV? DIRECTV has over 100 channels of live TV available through its apps. In most cases, this includes a fair number of local channels. I’m talking about real, live streaming right from your mobile device and it’s 100% free with your DIRECTV subscription.

Here’s the coolest part — most devices have some way to output to a television. Whether it’s a wired dongle or a wireless “cast” capability, you may already have everything you need to actually watch TV in a room without a DIRECTV receiver in it. If you don’t, get an adapter of some kind for your TV. Something as inexpensive as an Amazon Fire Stick will usually do the trick. I’ll tell you what, you’re going to be the hit of the party when you walk up to a friend’s TV and put the big game of the week on his TV for him!! He’ll be thanking you for livening up a boring Sunday, that’s for sure.

Or keep it all for yourself

Of course you don’t have to share, either. With a pair of earbuds, you can amuse yourself with real live TV when you’re at the doctor’s office, the DMV, or anywhere! Just be sure you’re in a free Wi-Fi zone or you have a data plan that’s up to the challenge. Like all HD video, DIRECTV streaming can eat through those bits pretty fast.

While you’re in the DIRECTV app, use the interactive guide to schedule recordings on your home DVR (after all, that’s what it was originally designed for) or even watch pay-per-view content. Start it on the phone and then come home and finish it on the TV, it’s that easy.

It’s like getting AT&T TV and not paying for it

You’ve probably heard about AT&T TV. It’s a live streaming TV service that you watch on your phone or streaming device. It’s been out for a while now. A lot of people enjoy using it, but it’s a lot to pay for if you already have a satellite TV subscription. The best news here is that you don’t have to pay for streaming TV if you already have DIRECTV. Just use the DIRECTV app. You can also use other providers’ apps and sign in with your DIRECTV subscription.

You know, when you look at all the entertainment value you get from DIRECTV, and all the different ways to watch, it’s hard to believe that it was just a decade ago that most of us simply watched standard definition, sometimes without local channels, on a small tube TV. I’ll say this, DIRECTV has done an excellent job of building a whole lot of value into their service. Don’t you agree?

If you don’t have DIRECTV yet, or want to upgrade your subscription, call us at 888-233-7563 and we’ll take care of you!

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