Saddle up — Big DIRECTV free preview of nearly all premium channels!

How much room is left on your DVR? It’s time to give it a workout because there’s a free preview of HBO, Cinemax, Starz/Encore and Showtime all happening starting tomorrow (Thursday) and going all the way through Sunday. Check out all the entertainment on channels 501-560 — in all there are about 60 channels of entertainment, most in HD. This is the biggest free preview in a long time on DIRECTV so make the most of it! If you have the DIRECTV App on your phone you can schedule recordings RIGHT NOW!

Yes I mean everything

I’m talking about every HBO, every Cinemax, every Starz, every Showtime. Even EPIX is getting into the preview this time, and that almost never happens. This is the perfect time to try out that service you hardly ever get to see.

I’d especially take a look at Cinemax. Not only is it one of the most underrated services, it’s also very hard to actually stream. There’s no independent “MAX GO” app for streaming boxes, although there is one for phones and tablets. Some devices like AppleTV do allow you to add it through a subscription to something else but it’s still never quite the same.

We may see more Cinemax content on streaming when AT&T rolls out its HBO Max app sometime next year but for now DIRECTV is the best way to get this content.

Check out the shows your friends talk about

Everyone (myself included) is talking about Watchmen. I’m quite honestly surprised this show is as good as it is. Not that the original source material was bad… far from it. But the very idea of taking a beloved story and moving it forward almost 35 years (and simultaneously filling in backstory) seemed like a questionable endeavor. But it really is that good and you can check it out for yourself this weekend.

That’s not the only show of course… check out Power, Ray Donovan, Get Shorty, and plenty of other originals plus tons of movies. Here in the late ’10s people almost forget that these premium channels are filled with recent movie titles. Getting them through this preview is a lot better that paying for them, that’s my opinion anyway.

Pile up recordings on that DVR

Remember that Genie DVRs can record 5 things at the same time, and if you have a Genie 2 you can record 7 things at the same time! In most cases, content that you record doesn’t ever expire. On Demand content from the premium channels does expire but it can be downloaded and watched for a short while after the preview is over.

Of course, the folks at AT&T do hope that you’ll like this stuff enough to pay for it long-term, so there’s always that. Whether or not you choose to take on the very reasonable fee for the premium channels is up to you, but one way or another you are definitely in for a treat while the free preview is on, starting on Thanksgiving day and going until December 2.

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