Satellite TV Activation and RV Centers

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RV dealers and RV repair shops, we have an important announcement for you:

Activating your customers’ satellite TV accounts doesn’t have to take a long time anymore.

This is great news for busy RV centers that install satellite TV in recreational vehicles!

Satellite TV Activation for RV Centers: the Challenge

We know how it goes. Your installations go smoothly because your service team knows what it’s doing. Things go sideways when you have to call a satellite TV company to activate your customers’ accounts. When you connect with these call centers, your team gets put on hold. Their calls might even get transferred around to different departments. This can take up to an hour or more of your service tech’s time… time that could be better spent fixing and repairing RVs.

What if we Told You…

…There’s a better way to activate your customers’ accounts? There is, and it comes when you work with our Signal Connect. You see, that division of our company is an authorized satellite TV dealer. This means our reps can get those activations done in 15 minutes or less. That means no more service techs tied up on long phone calls.

Now, are you ready for the best news? RV centers don’t have to pay us a penny for this service! That’s right, it’s free for you! No, this is not too good to be true. It’s just true. In fact, account activation is one of the two free services we offer. The other one is…

…Free Tech Support for RV Owners!

That’s right, we do that too. And it’s a huge benefit to RV dealers like you. You probably get calls from customers who might have lost satellite service. It’s natural for them to think you can fix this. Your company installed it in their RV, after all. When this happens, you used to have two choices:

  1. Diagnose and fix the issue… if you can.
  2. Refer them to the provider’s call center.

You’re an RV dealer, not a satellite TV dealer. You probably don’t know how to diagnose and handle wiring issues, or programs not coming in when they should. If you refer customers to a satellite TV call center, they’ll be on hold just like your techs. It’s easier to have customers call Signal Connect. Our techs will diagnose and help fix the problem over the phone. And yes, this service is free to RV owners.

RV Dealers, Call Signal Connect!

So, it’s pretty clear what our goal is here. We want to help save RV dealers time and money by taking activation and tech support off your plate. When you let Signal Connect handle these things, you’ll save time and money. Let’s talk about the benefits you get when you make Signal Connect your satellite TV partner. You can call us at or fill out the form below.

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