Serious Electronic Diagnostic Tools for Top Installers

Are you the A/V contractor who fixes problems the other installers can’t find? If so, check this out!

Serious A/V installers find weird problems in installations. They can also identify these issues and fix them. That’s why these audio-visual contractors are in such high demand. Having the best field test equipment plays a part in all this. If you are one of these installers or want to be one, you need to check out this selection of electronic diagnostic equipment we carry. There’s something to help you with all your A/V installation jobs.

1. AT&T AIM 2.0 Satellite Signal Meter for DIRECTV Dishes

This is the premium satellite signal meter for DIRECTV technicians. It’s also the fastest DIRECTV signal meter on the market. Use it to find impedance issues in all DIRECTV products and much more. As we said, this is a premium product perfect for a premium-level A/V installer.

2. Securitytronix IP and Analog CCTV Camera Test Meter

Do you want to be the boss at installing and maintaining IP cameras? This touch screen tester helps you install and maintain IP cameras, analog cameras, and other security equipment. It’s also great for Ethernet networks and cabling systems. If you’re serious about being the best at what you do, check out this meter.

3. Wilson Electronics Cell LinQ Pro Meter with Hard Case and Accessories

This meter and app are the perfect combination. It’s advanced but very easy to use and engineered with professional installers and passive DAS system designers in mind. What does Cell LinQ do? It helps you conduct site surveys on a variety of smartphones and tablets. If you want to be the top A/V contractor in your area, don’t sleep on this device!

4. Fluke 177 Digital Multimeter

This auto-ranging multimeter is what the pros to troubleshoot electrical and electronic systems. Do you work with CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V installations? This device is tested for safe use in these environments. Once you check out its many features and benefits, you’ll want to add this Fluke multimeter to your tool bag.

5. MetaGeek Wi-Spy Air Mobile Smartphone Spectrum Analyzer (WI-SPYAIR)

Talk about convenience! This device turns iOS and Android devices into professional-grade WiFi troubleshooting tools. Use it to inspect WiFi installations. You can leave the laptop in your truck when you use this spectrum analyzer from MetaGeek.

Get the Best Field Test Equipment

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