Signal Boosters for Apartments

End Dead Zones and Dropped Calls

You need a signal booster for your apartment. Why? Because who likes living in a cellular dead zone? You’re also tired of pressing your face against the window to make or take a call. What about all those missed texts? And going outside every time you need to use the phone is getting old. Yep! You need a cell phone signal booster in your apartment. Signal Connect has your solution!

Stop Missing Important Calls!

A cell phone signal booster might save your job or help you get a new one. If your team back at the office has to reach you at home, you don’t want a bad connection to ruin your chance to save the day. If you’re looking for a job, the phone calls you’re waiting for end up in voice mail. A signal booster in your apartment delivers every important call… and the not-so-important ones. Hey! Nothing is perfect.

A Signal Booster for Everyone

Do you like to text message your friends and family? Texting can be fast, direct and to the point… unless your apartment has poor reception. Get a signal booster to put an end to missed and dropped text messages. The enhanced signal will allow you to text from anywhere in your home. And the speeds will amaze you. Fun, fast and easy – now that’s text messaging!

Improve Your Wireless Service

You need a signal booster if you enjoy watching shows on your tablet. It’s just like your phone calls – you don’t want a dead zone or spotty service to interrupt the flow. Here’s something else to consider, and that’s the person who shares your apartment. If you’re using your apartment’s WiFi to stream your shows, its slows everyone’s connection. Be considerate of your roommates – get a signal booster today.

Your Signal Booster Solution

The SureCall EZ4G indoor 4G cell booster is perfect for apartments, condos or offices. There’s no need to hang an outdoor antenna with this product! Just place the EZ4G’s small, round main amplifier inside your apartment window. You then run the wire between the amplifier and the tabletop antenna. Now you’re ready to boost voice and data coverage no matter which cellular carrier you use! Call us if you have questions. We’re happy to walk you through the process.

Try Signal Connect’s Concierge Service

Getting a signal booster for your apartment has never been easier. The Signal Connect team will recommend the best signal booster for your needs, then we ship it to you. If you need help setting up the unit, just give us a call. Our trained team will talk you through the process, day or night.

Boost Your Apartment Today!

Ready for a signal booster in your apartment? Your home is where you spend most of your time, so it’s the best place to get the best reception. To get the process started, simply fill out our online form below then send it to us. A member of our team will call you back with a signal booster recommendation. You also can call us at 888-233-7563.

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Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.