Starz Free Preview this weekend!

Get those DVRs ready because it’s another Starz Free Preview Weekend! Starting now and going through Monday, January 22, it’s your chance to check out Counterpart, the new show with the excellent J.K Simmons as a bureaucrat who learns a big secret. I’m anxious to try that one.

Starz doesn’t have breakout hits on the level of Game of Thrones but they have a really strong stable of original programs coupled with the largest number of movies, something the other premium services have pretty much given up on. When you look at the selection available on demand, it’s a really exceptional value.

Of course all the movies you DVR this weekend are going to be available to you as long as you keep them on your hard drive so fire up that Genie and get yourself about 15 days of entertainment for free! Then, if you’re feeling so inclined, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 to add all the Starz channels to your DIRECTV package.

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Stuart Sweet
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