Tech-Approved Deal: DISH Remote Control

The customer service reps at Solid Signal know which are the hottest products in our online inventory. I touch base with our techs each week to see which products are trending. This week, our reps all pointed me toward this DISH 40.0 IR RF remote control. It’s one of the hottest sellers at Solid Signal right now. Because of everything it can do for Hopper and Joey users, it’s no wonder why so many DISH customers want this device. If you’re a DISH subscriber, you can get one, too.

So, what makes this remote control so popular? It’s loaded with some great features and benefits. This remote control is used to operate DISH Hopper and Joey receivers from up to 200 feet away. It also features a universal learning system wizard that pairs with your TV and three other devices. While these are some interesting qualities, this DISH remote has more advanced features that make it a must have in any Hopper or Joey home.

So, Why This DISH Remote Control?

It’s a great replacement remote, but not in the way you might think. For many DISH customers, this remote is a great replacement for their existing 54.0 controller. Some DISH users have reported that the 54.0 isn’t as intuitive as they hoped it would be. (No fast-forward or rewind buttons, no dedicated “Page Up” and “Page Down” buttons, etc.) Others have said the same about its voice recognition capabilities. If this sounds familiar, the 40.0 remote control is a worthy replacement.

The DISH 40.0 is fully compatible with the Hopper and Joey systems, including the Hopper 3. This remote has all the same buttons in the same places as your original Hopper 3 remote control. (Note: It operates the Hopper by UHF/RF signal.) There are color button legends on the screen that instruct you what each button does in all the modes. For example, you can do the following when a 40.0 remote is paired with your Hopper 3 receiver:

  • The red button provides options such as sorting, view format, etc.
  • Its green button cycles closed-captioning on and off with a click.
  • The yellow button provides sorting and menu options.
  • The blue button opens the APS page.

It’s Also That Kind of Replacement Remote

The techs at Solid Signal tell me that most people get the 40.0 remote control to replace the 54.0. There are some customers who get it because they’ve misplaced their original remote control. The good thing about the 40.0 is that it has an alarm that helps you locate it. It’s as easy as following these four steps:

  1. Open the “door” or faceplate on your Hopper or Joey receiver
  2. Push the “locate remote” button
  3. Listen for the three-step alarm on the remote
  4. Locate the lost remote

Note: As long as the four AAA batteries in the remote (not included) are good, you should have no trouble finding your lost remote. (Note: Your remote must be inside your home in order for this to work.)

Get This DISH Remote Control from Solid Signal

Would you like a reliable DISH remote for your Hopper or Joey receivers? If so, the DISH 40.0 remote is what you need. It has plenty of benefits to make it the best DISH remote for your Hopper or Joey. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to call our techs at 888-233-7563. They’ll be happy to give you the answers you need. If you want to get this product, they can take your order right over the phone.

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