The clearance event is over, but the savings still continue

You might have gotten an email a few weeks back talking about our latest clearance event. (Not on our email list? Why not sign up now?) We featured some of the top sellers from the past 12 months at prices lower than we’ve ever had.

The good news for you is that the deals haven’t stopped! You can go to our clearance page anytime to see the latest clearance deals!

Here’s the deal on clearance

Our clearance page usually features items that we’ve just over-ordered on. There’s nothing wrong with them and it’s usually not like they’ve been replaced by something newer. Back in the bad old pandemic days, though, we ordered a lot because we knew that shipping took a lot longer due to supply chain issues. That meant that we overestimated demand sometimes.

The good news is that you get the benefit. You can shop for top sellers and sometimes even get free shipping, without having to worry about paying top prices. I personally have a lot of the items that we feature on clearance and use some of them every day.

Shop clearance now!

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