It’s time to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket

There’s no more exciting time for sports fans than the fall, when baseball, basketball, hockey AND football are all going on. This year, for all its challenges, is no different. For many, the most important of those four is football and with only 32 teams there’s barely enough time to take it all in.

Time to take the leap

If you are a superfan, there’s no doubt that you’re going to get NFL Sunday Ticket this year. You may be on an auto-renew plan already but if you’re not, this is the perfect time to go to and sign up. Why wait? The prices are almost the same as last year and just like last year you not only get every game, every week — NO BLACKOUTS — but also you can stream from anywhere using the Sunday Ticket app. No matter what else is going on in your life you will always be connected to football.

The only real question is whether you’ll choose the MAX package, which includes the Red Zone Channel and Fantasy Zone channel, or the base package. The Red Zone Channel keeps you pumped up by showing you every play from every game if it’s in the Red Zone, while the Fantasy Zone Channel keeps your fantasy league on target.

Yes it’s true that local football games are available in many cities, but for the roughly 200 metropolitan areas without an NFL franchise, that doesn’t mean much. It also doesn’t mean anything for people who moved away from the city they grew up in. If you’re a Broncos fan stuck in Nashville, you’re just not going to get your NFL fix… unless you have DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

Let’s talk value

Yes, I know that NFL Sunday Ticket is the most expensive single broadcast package in the whole entertainment universe. Let’s not talk about price for a minute, let’s talk about value.

The value of staying home

This year, you might be rethinking going to a bar to watch football. We’d all like to do it, but it may not be an option where you live. So, make sure you get all the games at home so you can enjoy the experience safely. It’s totally worth it.

The value of bragging rights

In years past, you probably organized big gameday parties. You were the leader of the pack, and everyone wanted to come over to your house. Visiting together might still be on the table if you’re safe and socially distanced, but even if it’s not you can still be a winner. Host a “watch party” for friends where they can react in real time to your ongoing commentary! Or, just remind them they can get Sunday Ticket this year as well by signing up for DIRECTV Satellite. The first year of Sunday Ticket is free for most customers.

The value of information

You’ll know what’s going on with all your teams, no matter where you are. Let’s say you find yourself drawn away from the TV. You can get all the stats, all the action, and all the football mania you want on your mobile device. This is the only way to see most NFL games on your mobile device, period.

NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to DIRECTV. If you don’t have DIRECTV you can get the package for FREE the first year! Call the fine folks at Solid Signal at 888-233-7563.  You can sign up now!

Call us, or if it’s after East Coast working hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly!

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