You want marine-rated electrical wire? We’ve got it

Marine-rated electrical wire. First of all you have to know that at some level, operating something big and electrical while you’re on the water is about the most dangerous thing you’re going to do. Electricity and water famously do not mix, and when they do, the result is someone or something gets fried.

That’s why you need marine-rated cable, cable that is insulated well enough that there’s practically no possibility of a short due to water getting in. Even if this wire is going to be in a part of the boat that doesn’t get wet, it doesn’t matter. The last thing you need, if there’s an emergency and water gets somewhere it shouldn’t, is to get electrocuted.

Luckily, Solid Signal has, and pardon the pun, “a boatload” of marine rated cable from Ancor and other suppliers. I’m talking about the good stuff, the stuff that goes way beyond UL 1426, ABYC and US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR Title 46) standards. You may not know the ins and outs of those particular organizations, but you know they’re looking out for you.

Honestly, we have so many different colors and thicknesses of marine-grade wire that you’re just not going to know which one to pick. Personally I recommend picking up a large spool of each color because if you’re doing marine electrical work, you’ll use it eventually.

I would also think this wire would be good for land-based use in damp areas such as basements that have the potential of flooding, or outdoor areas as well. All I know is if I were stringing any wire that carried enough current to hurt me, I would be making darn sure it was the best possible. And when you’re looking for the best, you want a company that understands the difference. That’s why I recommend you shop for marine-rated wire, and all sorts of marine electrical accessories, at

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