Want Satellite Internet for Boats? Ask for VSAT

Bottom Line: If you want mobile internet for boats, Signal Connect is your No. 1 source!

So, did the words satellite internet get your attention? Good. Let’s talk about VSAT, which is pronounced “vee-sat.” You see, we love our terminology here in Signal Connect’s marine department. The marine team at Signal Connect used the term a lot at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). Technically, it’s an acronym for “very small aperture terminal.” For practical purposes, it’s synonymous with satellite internet for boats. Check this out:

This was one of many videos that played in our booth at FLIBS. Our VSAT services were HUGE news at the boat shows because for a long time…

The Marine Industry Wanted a Mobile Internet Solution

To be clear, satellite internet isn’t exactly new. This service has been around, but older variations of it weren’t the most reliable. This is why Signal Connect paused on offering this service. Trust me when I say this was difficult because it’s our calling to provide boat owners with ALL their marine connectivity needs. The thing is, we have a reputation for offering only the best, so we knew we couldn’t just right in. But then…

VSAT Technology Came to the Marine Industry

Regular internet connections use routers, Wi-Fi, and internet connections. VSAT uses more technology and specialized equipment to communicate with the satellite that provides the internet connection. This means that speeds are a bit slower but usually are still fast enough to stream. Latency, which is the amount of time you wait after clicking something, is also a little higher. Despite these things, VSAT delivers the most reliable internet connection at the docks and up to 50 miles or more out to sea.

The marine team at Signal Connect was overjoyed to hear about VSAT technology. This means we have a reliable internet service to offer alongside DIRECTV for boats. We’re the marine industry’s No. 1 source for marine DIRECTV solutions, and we’ve quickly become the leaders in satellite internet, aka VSAT, as well. It’s all about what we bring to the table for boat owners.

The Complete VSAT Experience

We bring the internet service to your boat. To help you access it, we’ve teamed up with the right manufacturers. Together, we make sure you get the service you need. Here’s who we’re working with to bring satellite internet to your boat(s):

  • Intellian: manufacturer of mobile satellite dishes and VSAT equipment.
  • iDirect: maker of below-decks units for Intellian VSAT antennas.
  • Viasat: antenna maker and BDU.

When combined with our internet service, our partnerships make it possible for nearly every boat to have internet.

Should You Ask for VSAT? Or Satellite Internet?

Honestly, you can call it whatever you like. The important thing is that you call Signal Connect to get it. We’re the nation’s leader in mobile internet for boats. Our reps will answer all your questions and even match you with the right products and internet package. To learn more about VSAT, call us at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. One of our reps will be in touch.

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