Can marine customers use DIRECTV’s Genie?

Having a luxury yacht means having the best of everything. And there are no exceptions. If you’re one of those folks who lived the champagne and caviar lifestyle, you’re used to getting all that life has to offer. But you may have heard that when it comes to DIRECTV Satellite, you’ll have to compromise. That doesn’t sound very luxurious, does it?

DIRECTV’s Genie is the top of the line

The Genie system from DIRECTV is the most modern DVR system the company has ever put out. With the Genie 2, you get the ability to record 7 things at once and serve 7 rooms with live TV at the same time. Or, choose the HR54 Genie to record 5 things at once, serve 4 rooms with live TV, and expand to your heart’s desire with regular satellite receivers. The choice is yours, as long as you qualify for a Genie system

Why you would, or wouldn’t, qualify

DIRECTV’s Genie system is designed for its residential customers. There are some back-room, contract-type reasons why it can’t be used for commercial customers, especially in public settings. It all comes down to the way that content providers get compensated. It’s part of copyright law and believe me, you don’t really want to know more than that.

Most — not all — large marine customers use commercial accounts. The boat is in a corporate name for one reason or another. It’s a common tactic for legally using the tax code to your advantage. And if your boat is registered to your business, you need a commercial satellite TV account. Rules are rules. And if you have a commercial satellite TV account, Genie is off the table.

Two more things  to consider

There’s another piece of the puzzle here as well. The single-wire networking scheme used by DIRECTV isn’t compatible with satellite systems from other countries. If you’re in a yacht that really travels around the world, you might have satellite TV accounts in several countries. If you want to keep the wiring as simple as possible, you’ll need to use the standalone DIRECTV boxes, not the Genies. They can be wired to be much more compatible with other satellite systems. There are still some things you would need to do, but it’s a lot easier.

It’s also worth pointing out that unlike older receivers, the Genie system requires a multi-satellite dish. That’s not a big deal in most cases, it’s just something to think about.

That’s just not good enough. And you know what, it shouldn’t be.

Being told “NO” isn’t something you should have to deal with. At this point in your life, you’ve earned the right to hear “YES” a lot more often. And at Signal Group, we know that. Our Signal Connect division specializes in solutions that no one else can do. More often than not, we’ll find legal, ethical ways to make sure that you can get the equipment you really want in the way you really want it. Our team are experts in finding the right way to do things, so you get what you really want.

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