What’s in the Box? July 11, 2018 Edition

Whether you’re a hunter or an animal lover, wouldn’t you like to know which critters are hanging out on your property? Very few people have the time to stay up all night to spot these visitors with night vision equipment. This weeks’ Mystery Box product does this for you while you sleep. In the morning, you’ll have the evidence of all the animals that visited your bait pile or backyard. With all these clues, you might already know what this week’s mystery product is…

Find out what’s in the box!

We’re proud to introduce the Stealth Cam 8.0 megapixel camouflage trail Camera kit. It has everything you need to start taking candid wildlife pics right out of the box. This game camera comes with eight AA batteries, and Python lock latch strap, and an 8GB SD card. Just take this scout camera out of the box, install the batteries and SD card, and secure it to a tree with the latch and strap. Its tree bark camouflage pattern helps it blend in with trees that have bark that’s dark brown, cracked, and weathered.

This Stealth Cam has many exciting features, including:

  • EZ dial programming with QuickSet lets you choose the time to begin recording
  • External LCD display that features time, date, and moon phase
  • An external power jack for a 12V battery box

The true test of a trail camera is the quality of the pictures it takes. If you’re a hunter or a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll love the images this trail camera captures. Since most wildlife tends to forage around at night, this 8.0 megapixel, 16:9 format scout camera is perfect for capturing images of the critters. It features 18 IR emitters and a low-light image sensor provides bright, clear night images. This device captures still pics, with up to six images of burst video, as well as short video.

This Stealth Cam 8.0 megapixel model is one of the many trail cameras my friend Tony has in his deer hunting arsenal. This device has helped him pinpoint locations on his property where the big bucks routinely hang out. It’s also caught some unexpected guests who came to visit the bait pile at all hours of the night. There were raccoons, opossums, and the occasional coyote. The bait also attracted field mice, who would routinely get picked off by an owl that called the area its home. One time, a black bear stopped by to have a snack. Too bad Tony never kept any of these random woodland pics.

Get the Stealth Cam 8.0 Megapixel Camouflage Trail Camera Kit

Would you like to see the wildlife that’s lurking in your backyard or property? Then you need this handy little trail camera. Solid Signal carries this Stealth Cam 8.0 megapixel game camera for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The scout camera is a great way to keep track of who’s visiting the bait pile or which little rascal is getting into the garbage. Would you like to know more about this trail camera? Just give us a call at 888-233-7563.


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