What’s the best option for unlimited data on a boat?

When we say “get away from it all” we usually mean just the things we don’t like. Even before we all fell in love with those shiny black rectangles in our hands, we rarely wanted to “get away from it all” for real. Usually getting away meant bringing the comforts of home and leaving behind the complaints.

That’s never been more true. Today we want our connectivity, wherever we are. And, if you’ve been fortunate enough to get a luxury boat, you want that data plan too. The problem is that it’s not necessarily as easy as you think.

If you don’t plan on going more than about three miles offshore…

…at a distance like that you can probably get cell service. Cell service rarely reaches more than a mile on land, but the marine life brings a benefit there as well. If there’s a cell tower right by the beach, you “may” be able to get service up to three miles away. It’s not a promise, but it’s at least possible. When you are on the water there are no trees or buildings between you and that tower, and that means you could get some extra distance.

In a case like that, the perfect combination is AT&T cell service and a custom-built cellular solution. AT&T offers several unlimited plans with 5G internet that’s probably faster than what you have at home. There’s a plan for every budget.

In order to get that cell signal down below, you can rely on a cellular booster solution from Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s folks know what they’re doing on the water. They’re experts. They also partnered with SureCall, who are experts in cellular signal boosting, in order to get you a solution that works well in most small craft. If you need a solution for a larger craft, our experts at Solid Signal will help you adapt any land-based system to work with your boat. We’ll combine a marine cellular antenna with virtually any cell booster system out there to help you get great signal from the poop deck to the bilge, or whichever nautical terms you want to throw out there.

If you’re planning for a longer journey…

You’ll want to look at a VSAT solution from Solid Signal. We can put a domed antenna up on your boat that lets you get satellite internet from virtually anywhere on the planet. Plans are surprisingly reasonable and you can get speeds fast enough to stream.

If you’re ready to make this level of commitments, call the satellite experts. No one does more satellite activations, whether TV or internet, than Solid Signal. We’ve helped thousands of boat owners and we’re ready to help you with a custom solution that includes installation, practically anywhere in North America.

We’ll pair that system with a Wi-Fi system that will blanket the lower decks with fast internet, which is just what you want after a long day of relaxing. Who wouldn’t?

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