Will we see you at EMS World Expo?

It’s the largest convention for emergency medical services personnel. It’s where all the important people who keep us save converge. This year, it’s in Nashville, and our team from Signal Connect will be there!

It’s going to be the safest place in the country.

With tens of thousands of EMS personnel in one place, I’m wagering that the Music City Center in Nashville will be the safest place in the country. The show runs from October 29 to November 2 and over 5,700 attendees will be there. There will be workshops, speeches, and a show floor full of important opportunities for everyone who works in this critical field.

That’s where you’ll find us.

Our team from Signal Connect, the commercial arm of Solid Signal, will be on the show floor demonstrating the latest innovations in satellite and cellular booster technology. Information is important, and the ability to get it in an emergency could be the difference between life and death.

Our partners from weBoost will be showing cellular booster technology for EMS vehicles. This tech can give you cell service in areas where you need it. Vehicle cell boosters are an important part of the experience for anyone who relies on a vehicle for work. Our team will show you the best option for your life-saving vehicle.

Our friends from AT&T will be there too, offering deep discounts for our first responders on cellular and satellite service. This is something you can take home with you right away. AT&T and Signal Connect support our nation’s first responders and we’ve found ways to reward you where it counts… in the wallet. While other companies might be taking unfair advantage, we know that you’re working hard to stretch every dollar and we want to help.

It all starts at booth 1906.

Will you be there?

If you’re planning a trip to the EMS World Expo in Nashville, drop us a line at info@solidsignal.com. We’ll be happy to arrange a meeting where we can show you all your options. We can help improve your life both at work and at home. Because, when you’re well taken care of, you can do a better job taking care of others.

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