Wireless Plans from Us: What to Expect

Solid Signal employee Stephanie wanted to switch to AT&T wireless. As a Solid Signal employee, she knew that our Signal Connect division offers some great promotions on AT&T wireless plans and cell phones. (Signal Connect is an AT&T Authorized Dealer.) Signal Connect’s reps took care of Stephanie and made sure she, her boyfriend Robert, and Robert’s mom got the cell phones and plans they wanted. Robert also appreciated the free cell phone delivery service that comes with purchases made through Signal Connect. Her experience forms the blueprint for what you can expect when you buy a cell phone and wireless plan from us.

Save Big with AT&T and Signal Connect!

Stephanie didn’t have any issues with her previous wireless provider. That said, she had a solid reason to choose an AT&T wireless plan. That reason was the promotions offered by AT&T and Signal Connect. “Those were just too good to pass up!” she explained. While she was excited about the possible savings, the question was whether or not Stephanie qualified. To find out, she turned toward our in-house expert, Signal Connect’s John Fitzpatrick.

“John really took his time to make sure I’d get all the promotions both companies have to offer,” Stephanie explained. “I know he gives the same level of customer service to everyone he talks to, which is impressive.” John even reached out to Signal Connect’s AT&T rep to double-check everything. Since he has a direct line to the communication giant’s staff, he was able to get this information in a matter of minutes.

Free Cell Phone Delivery!

Robert appreciated the free cell phone delivery service that came with their purchase. This service, offered by a third-party provider, proved to be a huge convenience for him. “They wanted to deliver to him at home but he was at work at that time so they brought it to him there,” Stephanie recalled. “They had his phone activated and the numbers transferred in about 10 minutes.” Stephanie picked her phone up at a local AT&T store on her way home from work.

Stephanie says she’s very happy she switched to AT&T wireless. “The coverage I get from AT&T is great and I love my Samsung S10,” she explained. “I get 5G in some places and signal at my parents’ house, which I didn’t get with my other provider.” She also said her new cellphone has a better battery life than her former phone, and the camera quality on both of their Samsung phones is amazing. “We’ve been taking a lot of great pics!” she added.

Your AT&T Wireless Plan from Signal Connect

You probably know us as the TV antenna and DIRECTV folks. We are, but we also specialize in offering AT&T wireless plans and cell phones. (Like I said above, we’re an AT&T Preferred Dealer.) Your experience getting a plan and phone from our Signal Connect division will be much like Stephanie’s. Our reps will take care of everything to make sure you get all the promotions you qualify for. The savings and improved service you’ll get make it well worth it to choose AT&T as your wireless provider.

Free cell phone delivery is another great reason to turn to use for your new cell phone. We partner with a third-party provider that delivers your phone to your home or workplace. (This is usually done the same day you order.) You just have to live in one of the 51 areas that the delivery company has an office. These locations are spread out across the US from coast to coast, so chances are good that you’ll qualify for this service. The process includes:

  • The provider contacting you to set up delivery time/location
  • Activating your cell phone
  • Transferring data
  • Walk-through of new phone and answering questions

In many instances, this process takes 10 minutes or less. This is an amazing convenience for anyone who wants a new phone but might not have a lot of time to go to their local dealer store to get it activated. You could end up waiting a long time if it’s a busy day at the brick-and-mortar cell phone store.

Call Signal Connect Today!

Our team is here and ready to help you transfer to an AT&T wireless plan. They can also help you get the latest Samsung or iPhone device. And when it comes to sales and promotions, your Signal Connect rep has you covered there too. Remember Stephanie’s story? Her Signal Connect rep went all the way up the chain to our company’s AT&T rep will find out whether or not you qualify for a variety of AT&T and cell phone promotions. If you want to know more, give Signal Connect a call at 888-233-7563, or fill out this form then click “submit.”

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