Your Last Preview of Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix did it again. The streaming service provider released the final trailer for Stranger Things season three. The previous trailers offered up glimpses of the upcoming season or homages to 1980s teen movies. This trailer, on the other hand, goes for the gut. It offers more than a glimpse of what we can expect from the much-anticipated third season of this retro 1980s sci-fi teen send up. And when it comes to what I saw, all I can say is “Wow!” I think season three is going to be the most ambitious and action-packed season yet.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the final Stranger Things season three trailer:

Stranger Things Trailer: What’s Going On?

Okay, so we have a variety of scenes and a creepy, voice-over narration from what I’m guessing is a sentient creature from the Upside Down. Some narration from Byers suggests that perhaps the spirit of the monster was trapped in Hawkins and is in search of a new host. The trailer abruptly cuts to Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), the sociopathic bully from season two. Could the creature’s sentience merge with the evil bully Billy? I’m split on this.

Billy Isn’t the Host

The trailer certainly hints at that; but, at the risk of sounding cliché, that’s almost too easy. Moviemakers have gotten tricky with their trailers these days. They sometimes throw out red herring to lead know-it-all, wannabe movie reviewers (like me) down the wrong path. I wouldn’t put it past the show’s creators, Ross and Matt Duffer, to lead us on a bit of a wild goose chase, especially where Billy is concerned. I mean, he was downright rotten in season two, but at the end, it appeared as though he’d mellowed a bit.

If Billy isn’t the host, the third season isn’t short on other characters to fill that role. I read somewhere that Jake Busey, the son of actor Gary Busey, has a role in Stranger Things’ third season. Since Jake typically plays a bad guy, he’s a candidate for head villain. Same for that evil looking dude at 1:09 in the trailer. The host could even be Cary Elwes’ character, Mayor Kline. If you already know who this character is based off, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the Duffers make him the monster.

Billy Is the Host

This could also be possible. Why else would Netflix make a Stranger Things season three trailer that’s all about Billy? (Hint: the one with him at the Hawkins Community Pool, walking to The Cars’ “Moving in Stereo.”) When I featured that trailer, I said there was something creepy about the way Billy lingered over Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono). Now think about the line from the most last trailer: “We’re going to end you, we’re going to end your friends. Then, we’re going to end everyone.” Remember, Karen is Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Nancy’s (Natalia Dyer) mother.

So, Which is It?

Does Billy play host to the consciousness of this season’s creature? Or was this just a red herring thrown into the trailer by the show’s directors, Ross and Matt Duffer? I honestly don’t know. And we won’t know until at least July 4, when Netflix makes the third season available for viewing. Whichever way this all plays out, that trailer definitely gave me chills. Here are some possible predictions and questions of mine based on the last Stranger Things season three trailer:

  • The writer in me can’t help but wonder if there’s something symbolic in the name “Brimborn Steel Works” building. Brim born? As in born in the brim, aka the Upside Down? (Just thinking out loud here.)
  • The final showdown between the kids and the monster will take place in the Starcourt Mall. (The last episode is called “The Battle of Starcourt.” Duh!)
  • The “final boss” monster is bigger than the Demogorgon of season one, but not as large as the Mind Flayer from the second season.
  • A monster’s slathering jaws hovering over the face of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder). Could this be the end of the beloved ’80s icon’s role in the series?
  • Expect more government ineptitude and lots of “red shirt” deaths. Seriously! Even though these bureaucratic hacks are armed with what looks like a giant laser gun, they’ll probably get wiped out by the monster.
  • What’s up with that green, jelly-like substance that Steve (Joe Keery) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) find in a sealed vial?
  • Is it me, or does the monster sound a lot like Predator from the Predator movies fame when it stomps through the mall at the end of the trailer?
  • No matter how good the third season is, Stuart Sweet will hate it.

Have a (New) Coke and a Smile!

Well, now that the Stranger Things trailers have come to an end, there’s nothing left to do but stream season three. Thankfully, July 4th isn’t too far away. When the day comes, I’ll be found in front of my TV set, a can of New Coke in my hand. Yeah, they’re bringing it back to coincide with Stranger Things season three. On the one hand, I can’t believe I’m excited about drinking a soda pop that wasn’t all that great when it came out in 1985. On the other hand, Stranger Things draws heavily on the power of nostalgia, and I remember New Coke from my teenage years. I don’t know if it will taste any better after 34 years, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy Stranger Things season three.

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