Got an old Nomad? It’s now GenieGo (and it does ANDROID!)

You’ll be hearing a lot about GenieGo in the next few months. We’re betting that DIRECTV will start marketing the device heavily. It’s the little box that lets you take your DIRECTV content with you even if you don’t have internet access where you are, and it’s about to get even more powerful.

Here’s the good news: If you have a DIRECTV Nomad, your device has magically turned into GenieGo! You can use all the same apps and features; the next time your software has an update, it will be rebranded. This means that as new features are rolled out, you’re not left out in the cold.

Finally, after two years, GenieGo is supported on Android! The list of supported devices is a little slender, but at least it’s there! Check out DIRECTV’s download page for more details.

If you don’t have a Nomad/GenieGo, they’re now available at Solid Signal for the lowest price ever!

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