Hands on with the HD-BLADE, part 4: Cat/Tenna

If you’ve been reading our reviews of the HD-BLADE you’ve seen that even after being painted and cut, this little indoor antenna really performs. In part 1 you saw that I got 29 channels with proper mounting, and in parts 2 and 2a you saw that just by using random placement I got 83 channels.

There’s another piece to this puzzle. As I was writing part 3, where I painted and punched holes in this thing, I looked over to find that Charlotte, whom I refer to as “my secretary,” had adopted the HD-Blade. I took a quick iPhone picture (see above) and just for fun got a little coax from the garage and ran a channel scan.

Now, this is more or less the same position the antenna was in when I got 83 channels. If I’m going to leave it flat on the desk though, it’s going to get stuff put on it, and obviously it’s going to be a cat bed from time to time.

The channel scan gave me 72 channels. 72 channels with an antenna that had a 12-pound cat on it. And remember, this is over 50 miles from the towers on the wrong side of the house!

Is there anything this antenna can’t do?