Hands on with the HD-BLADE, part 9: Tossed up into the attic

I’m beginning to think this is the “Terminator” of antennas. For today’s test, I connected it to 50 feet of cable and literally threw it up in the attic. I hate going up into the attic, there are exposed nails up there. So I just tossed it up there.

As you can see, this is my “torture test” HD-BLADE, the one that’s been painted on both sides, had holes drilled through it, etc. Now it’s been thrown.

Quick disclaimer: the only cable I had that was long enough was a quad shield RG6. It’s fair to say that the Razor Thin cable would have had about 3dB more loss if that.

As usual, I hooked it up to my “el cheapo” TV and ran a channel scan. The results blew me away.

Really? NINETY channels from an indoor antenna? I need to find out how many channels are in this market. There can’t be more than 90, right? I know, that includes subchannels. I also checked, and every single network affiliate and major channel came in completely clear, just as if I were using my roof-mounted antenna.

I don’t think I’m going to top that.

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