New Product Unboxing: SignalScout Signal Meter

This one’s been a long time coming. We get requests every week for a reasonably priced signal meter for cable and satellite. For years, we sold our own and called it the Digiair series. Unfortunately, we got to a point where those products wouldn’t work with more modern signals. So, a few years ago we discontinued them and we’ve been looking for something new ever since.

Enter the SignalScout

Despite the name, we don’t make this one. The name’s just a happy coincidence. It’s made by Psiber, which is a US-based company which has made high-end professional measuring devices for years. This is their first entry into the prosumer market. As far as I can see, it’s a home run.

I’ll provide a full review in a later article, this is just a basic heads-up.

What does the SignalScout do?

SignalScout provides all the measurements you’ll need to do basic install or maintenance on a TV antenna or cable TV system. It supports both ATSC 1.0 and QAM, meaning that it’s going to be perfect for most systems.

This meter gives you not only raw signal level but also signal-to-noise ratio and median error rate. Signal-to-noise ratio is much more important than raw signal level for most antenna installations. Digital signals are all ones and zeroes, so the most important thing is being able to tell what the signal is compared to the noise around it.

What’s in the box

In addition to a basic manual, you get the meter in a nice case, plus a charger and charge cable. The charge cable can be used to charge in any vehicle with a USB port. You can get a car power socket adapter from Solid Signal or supply your own.

The unboxing experience

Here’s a short video showing the unboxing experience.

This is a solidly packed meter and it’s going to come to you ready to use. Mine even had a decent charge on the batteries, which meant I could start using it right away. I’d still recommend going to a full charge if you have time, but it’s nice to know it’s ready to play with when you get it.

Learn more about this signal meter

In the coming days, we’ll have more tutorials showing the SignalScout in action, and showing you the high quality of the unit itself as well as how easy it is to use. Search this blog for “SIGNALSCOUT” to get an always up-to-date list of the articles on this blog about this meter.

In the meantime, when you’re ready for a pro-quality meter at a reasonable price, shop for the Psiber SignalScout ATSC/CATV Signal Meter now from Solid Signal. 

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