Pluto TV Adds More Free Programming

Pluto TV just added eight new channels of free TV to its lineup for streamers to enjoy!

New channels are exciting news, but let’s talk about Pluto TV first. It’s a free streaming service that has been featured twice here in Streaming Saturday. The first time was when my colleague Stuart Sweet introduced Pluto TV to Streaming Saturday readers in October 2019. Five months later, I followed up with a review of the streaming service. In both cases, we praised Pluto TV for what it is.

So, What is Pluto TV?

It’s a free streaming service that’s a perfect add-on to your TV antenna and other home entertainment options. When you run it through a streaming box, you get a scrollable guide broken up into channels and a live feed playing in one corner. You just pick what you want to watch and you’re watching it. Because it’s 100% free, you get commercials. It’s not a lot though. We’re talking about 10 minutes or more for every hour of watching. And speaking of watching, let’s unpack those eight new channels, shall we?

1. Black News Channel 24/7 (Channel 230)

The Black News Channel addresses today’s issues from an African-American perspective. This means news coverage delivered by and for African-American viewers. This refreshing new channel helps keep people informed while adding to Pluto’s diverse programming.

2. Rescue 911 (Channel 277)

This docudrama TV series original ran on CBS from 1989 to 1996. It’s now getting an extended life on Pluto TV. If you’re a fan of this iconic show, which was hosted by William Shatner, you should love its 24/7 availability on Pluto TV.

3. Survivor (Channel 296)

Did you used to watch this series and all its challenges and tribal councils? Well, we have some good news for you. It’s getting new life on Pluto. The reality competition series that revolutionized TV is now streaming 24/7 on Pluto TV. That means you get to relive all the nail-biting drama of every episode from 1997 to 2000.

4. The Amazing Race (Channel 297)

Now, this is an outstanding reality-competition program. Seriously, it was the winner of 10 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. After circling the globe since 2001, this series has found a permanent home on Pluto TV. Race fans, start your sneakers!

5. Pluto TV Drama Life (Channel 332)

Let’s be honest, it’s fun watching other people’s drama. It’s all the adrenaline and entertainment without the personal stakes. For those who looking to spice up their lives, you’ll surely find something to enjoy on this Pluto TV channel.

6. The Carol Burnett Show (Channel 516)

If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy all the hilarious memories of one of the best TV shows of all time. Tune in any time to Carol, Tim, Harvey, and Vicki with all their jokes and songs. Relive the fun and maybe even introduce younger family members to an old favorite.

7. Dark Shadows (Channel 535)

A soap opera about a guilt-ridden vampire who rises from the grave after 200 years? From 1966-1971, Dark Shadows had quite the appeal. If you feel you’ve gone too long without ol’ Barnabas Collins in your life, you can relive your youth – and this unique TV series – on Pluto TV. Just be sure to wear plenty of garlic around your neck just in case!

8. Gamespot (Channel 806)

Are you a gamer who loves keeping up on all things gaming? Then the TV channel made just for you is available on Pluto TV. It’s Gamespot, of course, and it offers news, reviews, previews, livestreams, and other video game information.

More Recent Changes on Pluto TV

The eight new channels aren’t the only thing that’s been added to Pluto TV. The free streaming service also rolled out an updated user interface. By dividing its programming categories into 15 sections, viewers can easily choose their shows from these categories:

  1. Movies
  2. Entertainment
  3. Featured
  4. News + Opinion
  5. Reality
  6. Crime
  7. Comedy
  8. Classic TV
  9. Home + DIY
  10. Explore
  11. Sports
  12. Gaming + Anime
  13. Music
  14. Latino
  15. Kids

Take a Trip to Pluto!

No, not the icy dwarf non-planet roughly 3.1912 billion miles from earth. Pluto TV is within your grasp and it won’t cost you a dime to enjoy. What I said this in March is still true today. If you’re looking for new, old, or just plain different content, don’t reach for your debit card and buy another subscription. Just tune in to Pluto TV and enjoy live TV with minimal commercials.

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