Solid Signal goes HANDS ON: DIRECTV Sports Search

Everyone knows that DIRECTV is all about sports dominance. Now, DIRECTV subscribers with Genies have a new tool at their disposal… DIRECTV Sports Search. This new interactive feature gives you total control of your viewing experience… from choosing your favorite teams to finding classic games! Let’s delve in:

Sports Search is found in the Search & Browse menu. It’s right there front and center, literally. Access it by pressing {MENU} and using the arrow keys to go down to Search and Browse.

It’s obvious at a glance that this is a full-featured app. You have the option of setting up favorite teams and then their games appear on the top row. Other sports programming you might like is on the bottom row. The look isn’t that different from the “My DIRECTV” screen, so it’s easy to follow.

Fans with sports packages will probably want to keep this set to “Channels I Get” but pressing the {DASH} button to the left of the zero button will toggle between Channels I Get and All Channels. All Channels is the choice for folks looking for pay-per-view events or trying to decide if they should buy a sports package.

Digging into the “By Sport” menu lets you choose just your favorite sport, and it’s not just the basic “football/baseball/basketball” choices. You’ll find a lot of sports are represented there.

You can easily find all sorts of sports programming including News, Interviews, Movies, and Classic Games.

Sports Search is a powerful tool that builds on what you already know about the DIRECTV menus. You won’t have to learn a whole new interface just to use it, and you can easily jump to the ScoreGuide and to Smart Search if you need even more information.

Using Sports Search made it easy to find programs for my favorite teams. I found it to be a lot easier than using Smart Search because sometimes (for example) football will be listed as “Detroit Lions” and sometimes as “NFL Football” or “Sunday Night Football.” This put all my choices in one place. It also works well on the clients

Sports Search will be rolling out to all HR34 and HR44 Genie DVRs in the newest software release. It requires internet access.

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