The J-Mount Solution for Cord-Cutters

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Some people think they can’t cut the cord because they think that they have no room for a TV antenna. This typically means people who live in apartments and similar dwellings. Either they don’t have the room, or their homeowners association won’t let them install large antennas on the roof. Solid Signal has an easy solution for people who want to cut the cord in these and similar situations.

Believe it or not, the antenna itself isn’t the problem. The issue is mounting it. To get free TV, you have to install your antenna and point it toward the transmitters. For many people, this usually means attaching a large antenna atop a mast or some type of pole. These large installations are typically set atop the roof or beside your home. While this is the typical way most people install a TV antenna, it’s not the only one.

The Antennas Direct 40-inch TV antenna J-mount that’s ideal for unique installations. This antenna mount lets you install your TV aerial in places where conventional installations won’t work. The key is its pivoting foot. This lets you install your antenna vertically or horizontally on a variety of surfaces, such as the sides of houses, deck rails, and fascia. These and other options make this J-mount an excellent solution for many cord-cutters don’t have room for more conventional TV antenna installations.

This J-mount has a lot of features that make it a tremendous value for nearly any cord-cutter:

  • It’s made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated steel that stands up to all types of weather.
  • The mount raises your antenna higher than most standard 18” poles typically allow. This lets you receive more over-the-air TV channels.
  • It comes with all-weather lag bolts, sealing tape, and installation instructions.
  • Its black color goes with most homes.

This J-mount supports a variety of TV antennas, including a variety of Antennas Direct TV aerials. The best way to make sure this mount is the best for your needs is to call Solid Signal. Our product experts will match you with the antenna and mount that are best for your area and living situation. If you want to cut the cord but need some help, call us at 888-233-7563.

This classic video shows you how to install a common J-mount. It should apply to this mount as well.

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