2013: The year television broke bad

This article was going to be called “the year in TV.” But really there was only one story as far as TV was concerned, and it was Breaking Bad. In 2013, nothing else mattered anywhere near as much….

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2013: The Year in DIRECTV

It’s been an evolutionary year for DIRECTV but that’s not a bad thing. Where 2011 and 2012 saw a flurry of new products including the Genie DVR and client, THR22 TiVo, iPad app, GenieGo, and Wireless…

Solid Signal goes HANDS ON: DIRECTV Sports Search

Everyone knows that DIRECTV is all about sports dominance. Now, DIRECTV subscribers with Genies have a new tool at their disposal… DIRECTV Sports Search. This new interactive feature gives you total control of your viewing experience… from choosing…

What is MPEG anyway?

MPEG. Everyone talks about it like they know what they’re talking about. They talk about MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and all the compression technology, but do you know what MPEG really is? MPEG is an acronym for Moving Picture…