What’s new in the DIRECTV RC66 remote?

Can you tell the difference between these two remotes? They look oddly similar. In fact, they look pretty much like every DIRECTV remote made in the last 10 years, right? Sure, these are backlit remotes, but that’s pretty common today, right?

Look a little closer:

The one on the right is the new RC66 remote. See the model number? So what’s so different about it?

Absolutely nothing.

While DIRECTV will happily sell you a Genie remote for your receiver, they decided that they needed to keep making the old-style white remote for a bit longer, to help out folks who want an exact replacement for their existing remotes. There are no new codes and there is no functional difference between an RC65 and RC66 model. DIRECTV changed the model number for their own internal reasons, not to signal any new capabilities.

At Solid Signal, we’ve revamped our product lineup to make it easier. When you order a Universal RemoteUniversal RF RemoteUniversal RF Backlit RemoteUniversal Backlit Remote with Antenna, or H25 Remote Kit, you’ll always get the latest model. Because RC65 and RC66 remotes are functionally the same, you could get either, but remember there’s no difference.

How do you know which remote you’ll need?

Nice and easy: Any remote DIRECTV sells will work with any receiver in IR mode.

If you want to use the RF mode to aim through walls or doors, you have to be a little pickier. The Universal RF Remote (regular or backlit) is all you’ll need, unless you have a model HR20-100, R15, or H25 receiver. It won’t work in RF mode with HR44 or C41 receivers.

If you have an HR20-100 or R15, (and want to use RF) you’ll need the Universal Backlit Remote with Antenna.

If you have an H25, (and want to use RF) you’ll need the H25 Remote Kit.

If you have an HR44 or C41 (and want to use RF) you’ll need the new RC71 Genie Remote. They are in short supply right now because they’re so new, but you probably just got yours… give it a chance to break. You can only use one RF remote at a time anyway, so if you need a second remote, check out the regular Universal Remote.

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