The answer to all your DSWM30 upgrade questions

If you’re thinking of upgrading to that fancy new DSWM30 multiswitch from DIRECTV, you probably have a lot of questions. Will it work with my setup? What if I need to share programs? What if I don’t even need 4K?

DIRECTV is moving away from all the older model LNBs and dishes and standardizing on just a few models of Slimline and WorldDIRECT dish. Eventually it will come down to SWM-enabled LNBs and this DSWM30 multiswitch, so at some point you’ll be thinking about upgrading. The Reverse Band LNBs are only going to be needed for 4K installs for the next few years, so you’ll still see non-reverse band LNBs out there because they are cheaper to make.

I’ve created a table with the most common types of current installs and what hardware options you have as we move forward. In many cases, it will make sense to move from an external SWM to a SWM-enabled LNB because it will be a simpler installation, but keep in mind that all Slimline LNBs will work with the new DSWM30 so if you’re looking for the easiest, fastest swap then you won’t have a problem just changing one switch for another.

With this information in hand you should be able to figure out a good path forward but if you have questions be sure to ask them and I’ll help!

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Stuart Sweet
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