Why aren’t the X-shaped elements on the HDB91X connected to anything?

Look at our top-selling HDB91X antenna and you’ll notice something weird. It has quite a few of the same X-shaped elements as our HDB8X... but… they’re not connected to anything. Several customers have noted this and wondered if their antennas are defective. I have to admit I wondered it myself when I reviewed the thing.

There’s nothing wrong with your antenna and yes, it’s supposed to be like that. It all comes down to “economy of scale.” To keep costs down, the X-shaped metal piece was designed to do two different things. On the HDB8X it acts as an active element, picking up UHF and VHF signals. On the HDB91X, a very similar part acts as a passive director, focusing signals from a long distance on a single antenna element at the back of the antenna. Because the X-shaped elements are passive on the 91X, they don’t need to be connected. The presence of these passive elements with no wires or connections makes this a yagi antenna; if it had wires it would technically be a log periodic antenna.

So don’t worry, your antenna isn’t broken, it’s not missing parts. It’s doing exactly what it should be doing, and the X-shaped parts at the front are definitely important, they’re definitely worth keeping there.

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Stuart Sweet
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