DIRECTV for RVs: The Dangers of DIY!

If you want DIRECTV in your RV, camper, or motorhome, don’t do it yourself! Turn to the pros at Signal Connect to avoid the common pitfalls associated with DIY RV installations.

Some people believe that adding DIRECTV to their RV is as simple as buying a satellite dish and hooking it up. Could you do this and make it work? Maybe if you’re a professional satellite installer. Everyone else tends to make at least one of a few common mistakes that all end up in the same place – no signal in your RV, motorhome, or camper. If you want DIRECTV’s awesome selection of high-definition programming in your home on wheels, it’s best to contact experienced satellite TV professionals. These people help you avoid the common problems associated with amateur attempts to install DIRECTV in RVs.

There Are No Shortcuts
Some RV owners who have DIRECTV at home try to take a shortcut with their RV installation. They think that all they have to do is buy a satellite dish and mount it to their RV themselves. Instead of a shortcut, this ends up being a dead end due to the host of things that can and usually go wrong. Some of the more common problems include:

  • They purchase the same type of satellite dish they have at home, which aren’t made for mobile use.<br /><br />
  • These people are unable to properly install the dish and level the base in order to get signal.<br /><br />
  • Even if they get the right dish and mount it properly, they struggle to establish signal with DIRECTV’s satellites.

DIRECTV Doesn’t Do It
Perhaps after a few unsuccessful installation attempts, the unfortunate RV owner decided to call DIRECTV. This is their second biggest mistake. DIRECTV doesn’t specialize in RV installation and representatives there will tell the RV owner this over the phone. In a worst-case scenario situation, a DIRECTV installer will come out to the house only to discover that the customer wants an RV installation. Their response? “We don’t do RVs.” This often leaves the motorhome owner frustrated and not knowing what to do.

No Local TV Channels
Let’s assume an RV owner is able to buy a second dish and properly connect it to his or her RV. Let’s also assume this motorhome owner enjoys his or her local TV channels. This person is in for a rude awakening when they turn their TV on and find themselves unable to watch their favorite local news, weather, and entertainment. The unlucky RV owner didn’t know that satellite dishes aren’t designed to receive TV signal broadcast by local transmitters. While there is an easy fix for this problem, it’s usually one for satellite and over-the-air TV experts.

From DIY to Doing it Right
If you want to add DIRECTV to your RV, it’s best to call Signal Connect. A subsidiary of Solid Signal, Signal Connect is your one-stop solution for bringing DIRECTV to your RV. Signal Connect is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer. The company’s team of satellite experts has already brought DIRECTV programming and more to thousands of RV owners across the country. With one call, Signal Connect provides you with the following:

  • A mobile satellite dish specifically designed for RVs and other mobile applications.
  • Access to a preferred list of satellite dish installers across the country who specialize in RV installations.
  • Fast and easy connection to DIRECTV service after installation.
  • Integrating a TV antenna to add local channels to your DIRECTV programming.
  • Suspend your DIRECTV account so you only pay for the months you use it.
  • Adding a cell phone signal booster to your RV to improve cellular reception.
  • In short, Signal Connect addresses all the things that usually go wrong when RV owners try to install DIRECTV themselves.

DIRECTV for RVs and Campers

Look, your RV is just as much your home as your house is. It deserve the very best in satellite TV entertainment and so do you! If you’re ready to do it right the first time, call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 and tell them you’re ready to bring DIRECTV to your RV, camper, or motorhome. For more information, visit Signal Connect’s RV page.

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