Best Indoor Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Reprinted with permission from the weBoost blog.

Whether you’re in a large house with a deep basement that just can’t get a good signal, or you’re in a rural area that’s far from a cell phone tower, your problem is the same: your cell phone just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. And cell phones aren’t cheap! You pay a lot to be able to use one and to find that in your very own home you’re missing calls and unable to stream videos or upload pictures is ridiculous. There has got to be a better way. How can you boost cell phone signal indoors?

Fortunately, there is, and it’s with an indoor cell phone signal booster. It’s just what it sounds like: a device that makes the signal on your phone stronger so that you can actually access that information on your device.

How Does an Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

First, we need to know how a cell phone works. You might be surprised, given how high-tech a cell phone is, that an iPhone or an Android just works on radio waves–very similar to the radio in your car.

Think about that radio in your car: if you’re in the middle of nowhere on a car trip, there are very few channels that you can get, and the reception is poor. That’s because you’re a long way away from the transmitter tower. Radios can also get worse if you’re in a canyon, or even in the narrow streets of a major city. You’ll be changing the channel repeatedly, looking for a station with a clear signal.

Well, a cell phone is just the same, except a cell phone is both a transmitter and a receiver. You talk into a cell phone, your voice gets translated into an electromagnetic field (EMF). This EMF is carried as radio waves at the speed of light, from your cell phone to a cell tower, and the response comes back the same way–through EMF waves at the speed of light.

But just like there are things that stop you from getting good radio reception in your car, there are things that interfere with getting good cell reception. If you’re in a building with a lot of steel and masonry construction–maybe an older building, a warehouse, or some other solidly built structure–you may find that your cell phone signal just simply doesn’t get through. The same thing goes if you have multiple floors to your house–you might get a great signal on the upstairs patio, but a terrible one in the basement: because the basement is surrounded by concrete and dirt.

Why Am I Getting Bad Cell Reception at Home Indoors?

There can be a lot of reasons for bad cell reception at home, but the first place to start is by examining your house. A wooden house with sheetrock walls is bound to get better cell reception than a masonry house–cement or brick–with thick walls. Also, some parts of your home will be better than others. Service in the living room might be better than service in the bathroom. Service upstairs will likely be better than service in the basement.

But there’s more to it than home construction. A lot also has to do with where your home is located. If it’s new construction, it might be built in an area that doesn’t have frequent cell towers yet–the new subdivision has outpaced the utilities and built a home that’s a long way from the nearest tower–and the further you get, the worse you’ll be. If you’re in a rural area, you’ll likely be in a worse position, because there’s no nearby tower and no plans to install one. You’ll have to make do with what cell service you have.

But did you know that even your property can affect your service? If you’re in a cove, or on the other side of a hill from the nearest tower, you can get bad reception. Even large amounts of vegetation–tall trees, a home in the woods, an orchard, or any number of other natural barriers–could be negatively affecting your cell service.

The Answer: An Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster

indoor cell phone booster

The good news is that just because you’ve got poor cell phone signal doesn’t mean you’re confined to a lifetime of bad reception. If you aren’t aware of indoor cell phone signal boosters it might be easy to throw up your hands in frustration and just say “well, this is how we’re going to live from now on.” But you don’t have to.

If you have a signal–if you have one bar–you can improve your signal indoors. No booster will be able to make a signal appear out of nothing, but if you can get a bar on your phone, then that bar can be boosted indoors to give you faster data and better call quality.

weBoost’s cell signal boosters work with all carriers, networks, and make your digital life so much easier.

Everything you need comes in the indoor signal boost kit. Basically, you attach an outdoor antenna to the outside of your home by attaching it to existing poles, pipes or rafters. Then a cord runs into your home attaching the outdoor antenna to the booster, which is placed indoors.

Then the outside signal is brought into your home and broadcasted by the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna can be mounted on the wall or propped on a shelf, and you’ll soon be getting messages, videos, and phone calls just like you wanted.

There’s nothing to do–it’s not a wifi router with a password that everyone will need to login to use. It’s just the outside, existing cell signal, but boosted indoors, right in your house, where you want it. It works with every phone type and with all carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

Indoor Cell Signal Booster Reviews

So what are people saying about weBoost? We’ve got a ton of happy customers, but here are just a few of the great things they have to say about our products and service:

“We are in an off-grid remote cottage in the mountains, on the edge of cell phone service, and no wifi. We were getting only 0 to 2 bars (Verizon) on our cell phones, and thus unreliable, sporadic phone, text, email, and mobile hotspot / Internet service. Really scary that we might not be able to make an emergency call if something came up. After installing a weBoost Installed | Home Complete signal booster, we’ve been getting a consistent 4 bars. Internet upload speed has increased up to 30-fold, and access ping-time has decreased over 10-fold; signal strength increased about 15 dB at 10 feet from the interior antenna.”  –Atty and EE, somewhere in the mountains of California

“I built a cabin with a metal roof and lost all signal inside the cabin. The signal outside was great but I needed to bring that inside. So being an RVer I checked with weBoost and found they had the new Home Complete and that it included an install by OnTech!…I had 3G and 1 bar inside before but after the install I had 4G and 3-4 bars! I’m so glad I went this route. Saved me time & works perfectly!” — Michael, Southern Missouri

A Solution for Any Need

We’ve developed three main mobile phone indoor cell signal boosters for homes of all types.

The weBoost Installed | Home Complete is made for an entire home, with the strongest boosting possible. It comes with full installation by OnTech and is ideal for those large homes in remote areas.

weBoost Home MultiRoom is a signal booster for mid-sized homes–or homes where you only use your devices in part of the house. This typically will give great service in two or three rooms, which may be all that you need to keep your cell connection strong indoors.

Finally, weBoost’s Home Room is ideal for a cottage, cabin or home that just needs a signal in a single room.

Home Room Cell phone signal booster

To decide what’s right for you, see our cell phone signal boosters for home. You may want to consider home size, type of installation (if you’re comfortable doing the job on your own or you may want professional help), and your current signal strength indoors.