Which is better, white cable or black cable?

Unless your cable is designed for a special purpose, you generally have a choice of two colors: white and black. It seems for years that black cable was really the only choice but sometime in the 1990s white cable crept in, possibly to blend better with white walls when installers didn’t take the time to properly fish cables.

You have your choice of white or black when you shop for cables at Solid Signal, but which should you choose? That really depends on you. In most cases, it makes no difference at all. It’s just your choice of what looks better in your installation. If you live in an area where there is a lot of strong sunlight, white cables may weather a little better in the long run, as black cables absorb a bit more heat. Unless you’re in the desert, though, it’s going to take years before those cables oxidize to the point where it’s a problem.

It’s worth mentioning that aside from black and white, we also carry orange cables which are designed for burial purposes. There are other colors of cables available for special order, for example if you’re wiring a large building, but we’ve found that most customers will avoid the extra cost of these cables and just label them properly or use a cable toner to locate cables quickly and easily.