Where can you get the new “Reverse DBS” (RDBS) LNBs for DIRECTV?

If you’ve been following this blog over the last year, you know that DIRECTV has launched two new satellites that give the company the ability to broadcast up to 50 new 4K channels. One key to doing this is the use of “Reverse DBS” frequencies that give the company the bandwidth it needs. These new frequencies will require a new satellite dish or at the very least, an upgrade to the dish you have. The front part, commonly known as an “LNB” will need to be swapped out.

I can confirm that the new “RDBS LNBs” are in pilot markets and that they will support at least 13 tuners and come in both 3-location and 5-location versions. Solid Signal doesn’t have them yet, but we are working hard to be the first ones on the block to get them.

But seriously, don’t worry about it.
DIRECTV already has the capability for several 4K channels without using Reverse DBS. Since there are, at this writing, a total of -zero- live 4K channels broadcasting anywhere, and a total of -zero- channels announced for 2016, it’s not really important that you rush into upgrading. Luckily the 4K LNB upgrade path is an easy one. Just disconnect the old and reconnect the new. So, you don’t have to worry about being incredibly future-proof right this second if you would rather wait a few months before climbing up on the roof. This is certainly something that can wait for warmer weather, at least from what we’re looking at now.

In the meantime, keep reading The Solid Signal Blog! When the new LNBs become available, we’ll be the first to get a full review out to the people and we’ll let you know everything you’ll need in order to upgrade!

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