Can you get a universal remote that works with DIRECTV perfectly?

These days, a lot of folks have chosen to avoid the classic “universal remote.” It was a staple of living rooms for about 20 years, and it seemed for a while that every manufacturer’s remote had some “universal” capability. With the advent of HDMI-CEC and simpler home theaters, it’s just not as necessary. Generally all you need to do is pick up the remote for the device you want and start using it. And of course the number of devices has gone down as well. I remember having multiple VCRs, disc players, and other things in my living room. These days it’s a lot simpler.

But what if you need a universal remote? It might seem like the selection’s pretty grim. You’ll find yourself skimming through discount stores looking for them, as they’re no longer front and center in big-box retailers.

Here’s some good news for you

You don’t need to spend a lot more money and you don’t need to buy an inferior remote at the local drugstore. DIRECTV’s Genie Remote is available from Solid Signal at a price you won’t believe. This remote controls all DIRECTV receivers made since 2003 and with a Genie DVR or client, it will let you shoot through walls and doors with ease. It will also control your TV and home theater receiver (if you have one). Best of all, it’s the perfect remote for your DIRECTV system and a manufacturer replacement for the one that came with your system.

Personally I don’t know how the big box stores can charge up to $25 for a new remote when Solid Signal charges about one third of that. I don’t know why anyone would spend $15 or $20 for a remote that doesn’t even do all the things the DIRECTV remote does. There isn’t a single remote control out there that controls a DIRECTV box that’s behind a TV… except this one. And it’s cheaper than most of the replacement remotes out there!!

How can that possibly be?

I’ll tell you… Solid Signal’s status as a DIRECTV dealer lets us by these remotes in huge numbers and pass the savings on to you. We buy more remotes than most of the bigger stores and while they’re all about profits, we’re all about service. We just want you to have the remote you need, simple as that.

Forget about ordering from someone else, these are the remotes you want at the price you want to pay. Order one now… or if you want even more control consider this old-school DIRECTV remote. It will control four different components instead of the two that the Genie remote controls. It’s also a bit less expensive. It works in IR mode only for most devices, though, so it does need to be pointed a bit more carefully.

Of course, you should always shop at Solid Signal for everything you need to live your best digital life!

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