What is Televes T-Force Technology?

One of the most important improvements in this year’s Televes antennas is T-Force technology. T-Force is Televes’ brand name for its MMIC manufacturing process, which makes its amplifiers and other electronics even better, cleaner, and more powerful than before.

So, ok. Let’s back up a little bit and explain what’s going on there. MMIC means “monolithic microwave integrated circuits” and that means computer chips that work more cleanly than regular ones. Typically, MMICs are made of something other than silicon, such as gallium arsenide. This lets the chips operate in the microwave band (300MHz to 300GHz) efficiently, with longer lifespan, and with better use of power. MMIC amplifiers are cleaner, produce less noise, and are more reliable over time.

Starting with the DATBOSS line, Televes manufactures all its own MMICs. They handle all their own quality control, using X-ray machines, automated logic, and good, old-fashioned human inspectors to test each circuit board before it is packaged for use in a Televes product. I’ve actually been lucky enough to see the process in action and it’s really cool.

Compared to their non-MMIC versions, Televes antennas can have up to 10dB more unamplified gain and up to 15dB more amplified gain in real world tests. Not only that, but the amplifiers feature a reduction in noise of up to 66% which makes it possible for more of that amplification to be used effectively.

Televes’ T-Force amplifiers use the same amount of space and less power than the earlier amps as well, meaning that the classic Televes look is preserved. The new DATBOSS T-Force antennas look very similar to the older models but feature that new MMIC amplifier to give you class-leading performance.

Look, don’t take my word for it. It’s a lot more fun to watch a video produced in Spain (where Televes is located) and see the process with your own eyes. The coolest thing is that you actually get to see their factory floor. I’ve been there but was definitely not allowed to take pictures.

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