Can you pause TV from an antenna?

It’s easy to do! A lot of people are afraid that if they cut the cord, they’ll lose the ability to pause live TV. After all, they remember being kids and not being able to pause live TV, so they figure things haven’t changed.

How wrong they are.

This little Channel Master CM-7003 tuner box makes any TV do tricks – even an old tube TV. Connect it between your antenna and your TV — the antenna goes into the box and either an HDMI cable or RCA cable comes out, depending on your TV — and you have a high-powered tuner device. Add a flash drive (pretty much any flash drive will do) follow the instructions in the manual and all of sudden you can pause live TV! You even get a fancy new remote that controls your TV and also has a pause button, because chances are your TV doesn’t have one now.

This is going to end a lot of your worries about cord-cutting. Pause live TV to see who’s at the door, pay more attention to your spouse, or visit another room in the house. It’s everything you expect out of watching TV in the 21st century.

So now, with your cord-cutting anxiety calmed, you can go on to save thousands of dollars a year in cable TV costs by adding an antenna or using the one you already have. What’s stopping you?

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Stuart Sweet
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