Can you put a Reverse Band LNB on an existing Slimline dish?

Yes, and it’s super easy. If 8 tuners isn’t enough but you’re not ready to go with an external multiswitch, you’ll find an easy upgrade path in the Reverse Band 3 LNB. In addition to giving you access to all of DIRECTV’s satellite programming, this beauty gives you 13 tuners — enough for a Genie and two HR24s — in an easy to install package. If you have an existing Slimline dish, the installation process is very straightforward.

Incredibly easy if you already have a SWM dish

If you’re already using DIRECTV SWM technology, this is a very simple upgrade. Are you unsure if you’re on the SWM bandwagon? Press the DASH button on your receiver (for Genies, press DASH twice). If it says “SWiM connected”… you are. Another way to check is to look at the dish itself. If there’s only one wire coming down from it, then you have SWM technology in your system.

At that point, simply go up to the dish and carefully disconnect the LNB (the large part at the very front.) It’s usually two screws holding it in. Then disconnect the coaxial cable from the LNB. A 7/16” wrench is perfect for this. Connect the cable to the new LNB and screw it into the dish.

Rebooting your receivers should automatically detect the new LNB. I have never heard of a case when it didn’t. You can go into the menu, to

If you have an older system, you can press MENU and under Settings & Help/Settings choose either Satellite Setup or Sat&Antenna. From there repeat satellite setup. Redoing the satellite setup for an older system is easy and we have a tutorial that walks you through it.

For Genies, it’s even more simple. Press MENU then go to Settings, Satellite Setup, and Repeat Satellite Setup. This will show you the current settings, and there should be no need to change them.

If you don’t have SWM technology…

This one goes out to those with non-Genie setups. If you have a Genie, you have SWM technology. You can’t use a Genie without it.

For those who do need to upgrade, don’t fret! There are just a few extra steps. You’ll want to download our free guide, The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your DIRECTV System.  This PDF, now in its sixth edition, has complete lists of parts and devices you’ll want. You’ll need to make sure all your DIRECTV receivers are compatible with SWM technology. All current HD and 4K devices are.

Ready to upgrade? Need help?

If you don’t know what you need, or if you want real advice from a real satellite technician, call Solid Signal! You can shop for your DIRECTV accessories in one place. You’ll get the same equipment the professionals use, all at the best prices on the web. Or, call us at 888-233-7563 and we’ll walk you through the process. Our techs have decades of experience and all the support you get is FREE! We can also help you skip “voicemail hell” when you activate your hardware. Our techs have access to AT&T’s systems so you’ll get the same quality service without the wait.

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