Can you replace the hard drive on a DIRECTV receiver?

Earl Bonovich,

You hear the hard drive in your DVR make funny noises. You might have gotten a message on the screen. What to do? Maybe you’ve replaced hard drives on computers before, and you just know that it would be easy to replace this hard drive — you might not even care that you’ll lose all your programming.

Hold on, kemo sabe. Don’t open up that receiver. Just don’t do it. That receiver is leased, and opening it up is against your customer agreement. They’ll be able to tell… there’s a security sticker on the back. It’s just not worth it.

If the drive is functioning, you can get an eSATA drive and connect it to the back which will replace the internal drive quite easily. If it’s totally dead, you’ll have to send that DVR back. There’s really just no way around it. This trick works with every DVR except one of the models of Genie 2. Just look for the eSATA port on the back of the DVR and when you find it, you’ll know you’re ok.

By the way, if you do decided to go to an external drive, there’s practically no limit to the drive size, so if you want thousands of hours of recording space, go for it!

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