Can you still have a Genie 2 if you have more than 7 TVs?

It’s the new hotness.The DIRECTV Genie 2 can record up to 7 things at once and can supply 5 rooms with HD and 2 rooms with 4K, all at the same time. What if that’s not enough?

The Genie 2 is designed to be a whole-home solution. That means there can not be any other DVRs or receivers on your account, and that limits you to 7 viewing locations. (The Genie 2 itself doesn’t output TV.) If you need more TV than that, you’re still covered at Solid Signal. We can build you a solution that includes the HR54 4K Genie DVR plus up to three clients (one of which can be 4K) plus as many conventional receivers and DVRs as you want. You can share programming between as many as 15 locations with this setup and scale it up so that if you wanted to, you could have 100 receivers in your home.

Imagine having the time to watch all that TV!!! If you need a custom solution, give the folks at Solid Signal a call at 888-233-7563 and we’ll take care of you!

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Stuart Sweet
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