Can You Use the DIRECTV App for Live Streaming if All You Have is an H25?

Well probably, but it’s a little complicated.

Our support techs were recently contacted by someone who wanted to use the DIRECTV App for iPad for streaming to a TV within the house. Sure, we said, that works great. After all you get something like 140 channels of live TV through the app if you’re at home. It’s a great way to bring TV to the patio, especially if your device supports HDMI out through some sort of adapter or beaming technology like Miracast.

And then the customer told us all he had was a single H25 receiver and no other equipment.

“It’s not impossible, but there are some things you need to do,” we told him. First of all the receiver must be internet-connected. For that you’ll need something like a DECA Broadband. This is a device that connects to your router and also connects to your DIRECTV coaxial cable. You might need a splitter so you have an extra line to do that. If you really need help you might want to consult our guide to coax networking that tells you all about the process.

The second thing you need to have is the “Advanced Receiver Services Fee” on your bill. If you’ve started DIRECTV within the last two years then you most likely do. If you have had DIRECTV service for longer, you may have a “Whole Home Fee”, a separate “HD fee” and a separate “DVR Fee.” These three fees were rolled together some time ago. The key is that if you do not have that “Whole Home Fee” or “Advanced Receiver Services Fee” you will not be able to use the DIRECTV app. If your account needs updating, call Solid Signal at 877.312.4547 and we’ll be happy to help you out with that.

Once you are properly networked and your account is set up properly, you should have no problem using the DIRECTV app to watch live TV inside and outside the home! Obviously if you do not have a DVR, you can’t use it to set up recordings or manage your playlist, but the app gives you access to on-demand programs that your receiver won’t get, which is an extra added bonus.

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