A cell booster for your apartment?

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Pretty easy math here.

1. Younger people use their phones a lot.
2. Younger people tend to live in apartments.
3. A lot of apartments are made of steel girders.
4. Steel girders make cell reception worse.

Add it all up and the people who really need cell boosters are the people in apartments. But most cell boosters require an outdoor antenna of some sort, and the antenna should be up on the roof. The problem is, that’s a no-go for apartment dwellers, unless they happen to live in the penthouse and let’s be honest most of us don’t have that kind of cash.

The solution is an indoor cellular booster like this weBoost eqo. Sure it has a funny name, and don’t even ask me how to pronounce it. But the point is, it works an you don’t need an outdoor antenna. Here’s the deal.

First put the small outdoor antenna on a windowsill.

Then, run the supplied cable to the base unit, and put the base unit at least 10 feet from the antenna, the further the better.

That’s all there is! You’ll be enjoying great cell signal in spaces up to 1,500 square feet, and that’s not just for you… it’s for all your friends and you don’t even have to give up your Wi-Fi password. Fast data, strong voice, and bulletproof text messaging are just moments away after you get an indoor cellular booster.

Cellular signal boosters are totally safe and this weBoost eqo booster (along with all the boosters we sell from weBoost and SureCall) are not only FCC approved but also approved by all major carriers to guarantee that there’s no interference caused by the booster. Plus, this eqo booster looks cool and won’t distract people with a ton of different flashing lights. Just one green light to let you know it’s on and it’s working.

Cell boosters like this make great gifts and they help you keep the friends you already have. If you’ve wondered before why people don’t visit you, maybe it’s not your taste in decorating — maybe they’re just tired of not getting texts or Snapchats when they’re over at your place. You can end that immediately with a cellular signal booster.

Choose the weBoost eqo or any of the cellular signal boosters we have available at SolidSignal.com today!

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