A cell booster for your RV?

It’s a reality. Your kids just aren’t interested in looking out the window when you’re on the road. Whether you’re in the family truckster or a large RV, there’s only one place your kids want to look, and that’s down at the screen. You’ve already given up on that fight.

So, why not give them a better experience?

Cell signals on the highways of our country are actually pretty good, but when you get to the more distant corners, the places that you actually want to travel to, they may not be as good. Cell service may also suffer during traffic jams, when thousands of drivers are trying to use the same cell sites to find alternate routes. There’s a tool you can use to dominate the war for cell service, and thanks to your high-profile vehicle, you’re halfway there.

All you need to do is install a cellular booster like SureCall’s Fusion2Go. This is a device that’s specially designed for larger vehicles. It installs permanently with an outdoor antenna that mounts as high as possible on the vehicle, because that extra height means the best performance. If you’re fighting and straining for every “dB,” you need height on your side. You’ll blanket your vehicle with the strongest possible cell signal allowed by law, and you’ll have coverage for up to 8 users at the same time, unlike inexpensive “cradle” type boosters.

This is a seriously worthwhile upgrade, especially if you’re taking advantage of free streaming from AT&T or some other carrier. Keep the family satisfied watching what they want to watch, and maybe they’ll be in the mood to actually look out the window when you actually get to that landmark you’ve been promising them.

Solid Signal has a wide selection of cellular boosters and we even offer a free service to choose the best booster for you. We carry all the major brands and can recommend the right choice for you whether it’s for home, office, car, RV, truck, or marine — we have it all! It starts with a call to 888-233-7563 where our helpful signal professionals are ready to listen!

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