Commercial DIRECTV Without Holes in the Roof?

Yes, you can get DIRECTV at your business without all that drilling!

We get that a leaky roof is no good for business. We also know that landlords don’t like drilling. Do you know that not every DIRECTV installation requires drilling holes into the roof? Signal Connect, our DIRECTV dealer division, has a solution no-drill solution for business owners. You’ll get all the amazing channels and pristine reception that DIRECTV is known for without the worry of getting wet. Once you see how convenient commercial DIRECTV can be, you’ll want to get it for your business.

If this post looks TL;DR, you can get all the information in this 1:41 video:

Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts

That’s the name of the product that makes a no-drill DIRECTV installation possible. Here are the steps in how it all works:

  1. Get a non-penetrating roof mount from Solid Signal.
  2. Your installer will mount your dish to the mast.
  3. You get four to eight cinder blacks from a local hardware store.
  4. Add the cinder blocks to the base of the mount.

In those four, easy steps, your satellite dish is secured without sinking any screws. In other words, there’s no drilling and no holes. So, if drilling into your roof is the ONLY reason you haven’t gotten DIRECTV for your business, we have the solution. That means you can literally pick up the phone and call Signal Connect… unless you have another objection. If price is your concern, check out our…

…DIRECTV Deal for Businesses!

Signal Connect is the nation’s No. 1 DIRECTV dealer. Because of this, they’re able to pass on huge savings for commercial DIRECTV. They understand that many businesses are in a “rebuilding phase.” We want to help you, your employees, and customers. When you open a commercial DIRECTV account with Signal Connect, you’ll get:

  • A free TV valued at $189.99!
    FREE installation!
    FREE tech support for the life of your account!
    Monthly fees as low as $39.99!
    A two-year price lock!
    $100 bill credit for up to 2.5 months of FREE programming!
    And more!

Signal Connect wants you to enjoy DIRECTV without worrying about the costs. This commercial DIRECTV deal should help with that.

“Why Do I Need DIRECTV for My Business?”

So you and your employees can enjoy the latest programming in the break room or your office. But at your business, the customer always comes first. That’s why your lobby or waiting room is the BEST place to have DIRECTV. All that programming helps take your customers’ attention off the wait. You can learn more about DIRECTV for waiting rooms in this video:

We’re sure that this answers your question!

Call Signal Connect Today!

Getting DIRECTV for your business is not like buying a pack of gum off a rack in the checkout lane. This is a big decision, and it’s always best when you have ALL the information. That’s why we encourage you to call our commercial DIRECTV expert, Mike Kochenderfer. He and his team take the time to answer all of your questions and give you the best recommendations. You can reach him at 888-233-7563, or by filling out the form below and sending it in.

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