DIRECTV for Business: Cheaper than online alternatives?

How can it be cheaper to put DIRECTV into your business? It may not make any sense, but putting in a DIRECTV private viewing account for business can actually be the cheapest way to give your employees access to entertainment programming.

A lot of people think that putting satellite TV into a business is ridiculously expensive. Let’s get this out on the table right now. If you have a public viewing area like a waiting room, bar or restaurant, your DIRECTV bill will be partly based on the occupancy of that area. Because you’re showing DIRECTV programming to the public, they need to know how many people will see it. That way the royalties they collect will go to the right people, and in the right amounts. So yes, it’s true, if your sports bar holds 250 people, that can amount to a large bill. (Of course, you’ll make it up with increased occupancy and bar sales, but that’s a story for another article.)

If you work in an office or light manufacturing facility, though, you will be absolutely surprised by how little money it takes to get DIRECTV entertainment in your office or break room. It’s really not that much more than you’re paying for DIRECTV service at home. While it’s against your customer agreement (and it’s illegal) to bring your DIRECTV service from home, why would you even risk it when you can “do it right” for pennies per employee?

So, you’re thinking, it’s still an expense. How can that be cheaper than just letting my people surf the internet?

First of all, you’re probably aware that your business internet costs are about 10x the price of residential internet. You may pay $50 a month for 50 megabit service at home, but even getting 15 megabit service at work can $500 or more. If your employees are trying to stream programming, that 5 megabit connection is going to get congested and your essential business e-mails won’t get through. You’ll end up paying even more for a faster connection! Why not put DIRECTV service into the breakroom instead? It’s the same programming your employees know and love, and it’s no strain on your internet service.

Not only that, but your office productivity will probably increase, saving you money. People crave information, especially when there is a weather emergency. By giving them access to real television instead of forcing them to try to find streaming feeds they’ll be more productive. It will also give you the option of blocking popular streaming sites to their desktops, so that they will be less tempted to goof off at their desks. Sure they will go to the break room to goof off, but you’ll be able to monitor that more effectively.

So, give DIRECTV for Business a try by calling Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 and find out how it can save you money.

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