Do you use the myAT&T app?

If you think the world hasn’t changed much in your lifetime, consider the lowly app. Before 2007, there were programs on your computer, there were little utilities and games and whatnot. There were web pages. But, it took the coming of the smartphone to bring us the app.

An app is sort of the “atom” of the phone. It’s a small, self-contained thing with a unique purpose. It gives you the weather, helps you get a ride, or shows you some entertainment. The app is the digital embodiment of a thing you used to use. It’s the board game, the camera, the VCR.

I happened to have been lucky enough to be there at the birth of the DIRECTV app, one of the first modern TV provider apps. Its developer came up with something brilliant and mindblowing. The original review is here, and before you scoff at it remember this was ten years ago. No, you couldn’t play videos with it. But just the idea that you had an interactive guide that could be used to set recordings was revolutionary.

The coming of app culture

You don’t need me to tell you how apps took over the world. And as it did, DIRECTV was always there with improvements. Within just a few years, the app was upgraded as part of the “DIRECTV Everywhere” initiative. Mobile data speeds kept increasing and that meant people could actually watch live video on their phones easily. The DIRECTV app became indispensible.

But what about the myAT&T app?

You’ve probably been carrying the DIRECTV app on your phone for a while but do you also have the myAT&T app? Unlike the DIRECTV app it’s not focused on video. It’s designed to help you manage your billing and see the status of your wireless account. It may not be one you use every day but it’s still incredibly valuable, and totally free.

You can do a lot with the myAT&T app.

You can change your plan, monitor your usage, even know when it’s time to upgrade your phone. If you’re not on an unlimited plan yet, it’s critical, It will tell you if you’re going to run out of data this month, and what will happen when you do. I know a lot of folks who still use it this way.

The myAT&T app doesn’t use data

There’s a concept called “zero rating” that AT&T uses to let you use its apps without it counting against a data plan. This is exactly what zero rating was designed for. All the activity within the myAT&T app (and several other AT&T-owned apps, depending on your plan) doesn’t count against any data caps, so feel free to check out your bill, browse for new phone hardware, or even get tips and troubleshooting help. Of course, you can get that from this site too, if you need it.

All in all, it’s a pretty good app especially since it doesn’t cost anything.

Check out the myAT&T app on the App Store or Google Play, then when you’re ready to make a change to your wireless service, give a call to the folks at Solid Signal. They’ll help with anything you’ll need. Just call 888-233-7563.

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