The easy way to install your HR54 Genie or H44 Genie Lite

DIRECTV’s newest DVRs are easier to install than ever before. Both the HR54 Genie and H44 Genie Lite have been designed to make installation easy, especially if you are using the most common dish, the SWM-enabled Slimline.

Because both Genie and Genie Lite can provide power to a dish, no external power inserter is necessary, and both models have built-in Wi-Fi so there’s no need to run Ethernet cable or connect a separate module to enable on-demand content or interactive features. These DVRs are so easy to install that there was barely a need for a diagram!

Please know, though… that if you do want to use an external multiswitch or a more complex setup you can still set these receivers up the same way as other, older products and they still work perfectly. But if you’re doing a new install, there’s no need to clutter up your system with unnecessary parts.

If you’re installing a DIRECTV-Ready TV instead of client boxes, each TV will need coax cable run to it and a Broadband DECA to convert from coax to Ethernet. You can’t connect the coax to the TV and you can’t connect over Wi-Fi.

Here’s a visual showing the easiest way to get your DIRECTV system running.

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