Fall’s here. Time to think about a dish heater

OK, we’re all friends here. I know that every year you think about getting a dish heater. And, every year you decide not to. So, every year you go through the winter sweeping snow off the front of a dish in the least safe way possible. I imagine you hanging out a window, swiping vainly at the dish with a long broom. Or maybe you’ve gone “high-tech” and you aim a leaf blower at it.

Maybe you’re even one of those folks who tries to throw a bucket of hot water on the dish. Personally I think this is insanely dangerous because you could actually scald yourself or someone on the ground. On top of that, you’ll stress the dish and potentially warp or crack it. Don’t do that.

Do this instead

It’s time to step up to a dish heater. A dish heater is basically a stick-on heating element that warms up your dish in cold weather. It uses low-power wiring so it’s safe for outside and our dish heaters come with switches that only turn them on when they’re needed. That means you’re not going to be wasting power and it won’t have much impact on your electric bill.

Dish heaters are easy to install. it’s easiest if you can do it before the dish goes up, but even if it’s already in place you can put it on. The heater itself goes on the reflector (the “dishy” part) but because it’s all connected, the whole dish warms up. For those areas with really severe cold, there’s a separate arm heater attachment that helps even more.

It really is worth it…

…if you live somewhere that snow is an issue. For areas that are a little further south, you’re used to snow piling up on the dish itself, while areas that are a little further north will see snow more in front of the dish due to the different way a dish is aimed as you get further from the equator. Either way, when the snow gets to the point where it blocks the reflector from seeing the sky, you’re going to lose signal. You’ll wake up after a snowstorm, turn on the TV to see what the traffic and weather are like, and you’ll get a whole handful of nothing on the screen. Let’s be honest, no one wants that.

So, pick up a dish heater from Solid Signal today. Most people will use this model, but if you’re still rocking the round dish, you only need this less expensive version. Bookmark this article, because you’ll want to watch this video I did a few years back on how to install one.

This is the time to install a dish heater because you don’t want to be up on the roof when it’s icy. As much as we all love satellite TV, it’s not worth breaking your legs or worse, losing your life over.

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